Intake Screening

The Access Center provides mental health and substance abuse screenings for first-time, non-emergency patients on a first-come first-served basis. Walk-in from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm, Monday – Friday, for a no-cost initial intake screening on our SalusCare Ortiz Campus, Evans Campus or Cape Coral Campus. Priority admission status for substance abuse programs will be given to pregnant females, women with children and intravenous drug users. Call our Welcome Center at (239) 275-3222 with questions.

Outpatient Services

Priority admission status for substance abuse programs will be given to pregnant females, women with children and intravenous drug users.


Psychiatric evaluations and medication management services by board certified/eligible psychiatrists. Telemedicine psychiatric services also available.  Call our Welcome Center at (239) 275-3222 for an appointment. Located at the Ortiz Campus and Cape Coral Campus.

Outpatient Therapy Services

Outpatient Therapy Services consist of voluntary therapy and counseling, in both individual and group settings, for those with a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis. Telemedicine outpatient therapy services also available.  Before beginning outpatient therapy, an assessment must be conducted to determine the appropriate level of care. After the assessment, a clinician will review your treatment options and work with you and your family to find the best possible option. Outpatient Therapy is provided at the Evans Campus, Ortiz Campus, and Cape Coral Campus. Call (239) 275-3222 for more information about the services below or to make an appointment.

Drug Court

Lee County Adult Felony Drug Court Program is a court-supervised drug and alcohol treatment program for individuals involved in the criminal justice system who have the disease of addiction. Entry into the program is voluntary, but participants must comply with all drug court program requirements including making restitution to victims, paying program fees and completing community service requirements. SalusCare makes an effort to meet the patient where they are and to provide intensive evidence-based treatment for substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders as needed. Patients receive group and individual treatment, family counseling and case management services. We also provide psychiatric and medication management as well as urine drug testing services.

You may be eligible for this program if you:

  • Have a pending, non-violent felony charge or
  • Are on probation for a non-violent felony charge and have a violation of probation pending

Participants who enter drug court have their prison sentence deferred and are placed on Drug Offender Probation with the Department of Corrections. Upon successful completion of the drug court program, the charges are dismissed and the participant’s probation is terminated.

The length of stay in the program is dependent on the individual, with most completing the program in 18 to 24 months. To graduate a participant must be employed or be enrolled in school full time and they must have paid any court ordered restitution and program fees in full.

Although SalusCare provides the treatment portion for drug court, SalusCare does not make the decision on who participates in Felony Drug Court. For more information about this program and/or to make a referral, please contact Lee County Pretrial Services at (239) 533-1730


Forensic Diversion seeks to divert individuals with serious mental illnesses (including those with co-occurring substance abuse disorders) from unnecessary institutionalization and/or criminalization. It seeks to offer the courts viable alternatives and assists in expediting resolution of legal matters complicated by issues related to mental illnesses. Services include advocacy/support, state-approved competency restoration training, specialized resource coordination and collaboration with Mental Health Court, Traditional Court and Probation. Call our Welcome Center at (239) 275-3222 for more information, or visit the Ortiz Campus.

Day Treatment Services and Extended Day Treatment

Day Treatment Services or Extended Day Treatment is available to patients who have a sober supportive environment in which to reside during their treatment. This is a less expensive alternative to Residential Treatment with the same benefit for those patients requiring additional structure. Those that qualify for this level of care receive treatment during the day or evening (8 a.m. – 4 p.m.) (8 a.m. – noon) (5 p.m. – 9 p.m.) (7:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.). This allows individuals to continue working and attend groups in the evening or during the day, and return home in the evening. Call (239) 338-3977 for more information, or visit the Transitional Living Center Campus.

Evening Treatment

Employed adults have the opportunity to remain working, and receive intensive treatment, during the evening. For more information, contact our Transitional Living Campus.

Maternal Assistance Program (MAP)

MAP assists women who are pregnant or are within 12 months post-partum. If eligible, you can receive free substance abuse treatment and incidental items (therapy, psychiatric, residential treatment, baby items). If you believe you may be eligible, contact our Welcome Center at (239) 275-3222 to be scheduled for an intake screening.

*Medical professionals who believe they have eligible patients for MAP should call the Parenting Services Manager at 791-1038 or by email at

Residential Services

Priority admission status for substance abuse programs will be given to pregnant females, women with children and intravenous drug users.

Short Term

The TLC (Transitional Living Center) is a 16-bed co-ed substance abuse residential treatment program for adults utilizing an intensive, therapeutic and educational program, emphasizing individualized treatment. This program emphasizes family and other interpersonal relations, which are necessary for a healthy recovery. SalusCare residential treatment programs are also equipped to address co-occurring mental health diagnoses. For more information, contact the Transitional Living Campus.

Transitional / Halfway

SalusCare operates a 16-bed women’s halfway house and a 14-bed men’s halfway house on its Transitional Living Campus. This longer-term adult residential program allows recovering individuals an opportunity to live in a home-like environment while working or enrolling in school and receiving substance abuse and mental health treatment. Life skills, including vocational and educational training, are also available. There is no formal length of stay. Most residents stay 4 to 6 months, depending on their needs. Residents are required to pay a portion of their income to live in the halfway housing and to meet other income to live in the halfway housing and to meet other income requirements.

Supported Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing is available in a sober living community, adjacent to our campus. The Chrysalis Community is peer-supported and self-governed. Residents continue to receive support services (case management and substance abuse counseling as necessary and desired). Rent is based upon income.

Detoxification Services

Priority admission status for substance abuse programs will be given to pregnant females, women with children and intravenous drug users.

Detoxification Services is an inpatient 29-bed facility, under the direction of a physician, and serves adults undergoing acute withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs. Detoxification Services are available 24/7 in the only detoxification facility in Lee, Glades, and Hendry counties. Duration of care ranges from 3 to 10 days, depending upon the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. Our facility is located near a major hospital, which is available for any critical physical complications. Located at the SalusCare Evans Avenue Campus.
Call (239) 332-6989