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Zonta Foundation of SWF Awards $10,000 to SalusCare

The Zonta Foundation of Southwest Florida has awarded a $10,000 grant to SalusCare, Inc., to provide educational needs for women recovering from substance abuse at SalusCare’s Transitional Living Center on Grand Avenue in Fort Myers.

The money will be used to purchase computer software, educational and recovery materials and stipends for about 60 women in recovery to enable them to complete coursework and file job applications.

The overall goal is to help women in recovery obtain the skills they need to earn a living wage and become self-sufficient in the workplace.

“We are so grateful to the women of Zonta who have so graciously supported our women for many years,” said Transitional Living Center Director Rosemary Boisvert.  “Our goal is to remove the barriers that prevent them from being successful.  If they need financial assistance for tuition, we can help with that.  If they need help with supplies or transportation to get to school or training, we can assist with that as well.

“While at SalusCare’s Transitional Living Center, the women work very hard at learning skills for the job of living in sobriety. This grant will help them build on their newfound skills and give them something more to enhance their chances of maintaining their sobriety and self-sufficiency,” Boisvert said.

“We have been very fortunate to have this long lasting relationship with the Zonta Club of Sanibel-Captiva.  The Zonta Club gives our women far more than dollars.  They also give of themselves,” Boisvert said.

Zonta has been a partner with the women in the Transitional Living Center since 2000 and has provided grants totaling $119,000 and hundreds of hours of time to support the needs of women recovering from substance abuse.

For example, for nine months each year, The Sanibel-Captiva Zontians  travel to the Fort Myers Transitional Living Center campus of SalusCare to work hand in hand with the women in the halfway house. Projects vary from jewelry making to women’s health and everything in-between.

“The Zonta group is an amazing asset to our community. They have partnered with other agencies, such as Human Trafficking Awareness Partnership, to help our ladies learn to help others.  The annual beach cleanup is a big event that allows our women to work with Zontians and make a day out of giving back to the community and to respect the earth. The Zontians don’t teach — they interact, guide and mentor our special population of women in addiction,” Boisvert said.

The 16-bed women’s halfway house opened in 2009.  The women’s facility provides treatment for 45 to 60 women per year who have completed the residential treatment program and moved into the halfway house for extended treatment.

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