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Insurance battle and our Crisis Stabilization Unit closure

Our Crisis Stabilization Unit closure was due to flooding and a stop work order on repairs to reopen. 

The insurance companies are battling to figure out who will pay for repairing and rebuilding the Crisis Stabilization Unit. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline for resolution. As a result, we wait while the flood and wind insurance companies work through details of our coverage assessment.  

At SalusCare, the health and well-being of the patients we serve is our top priority. We know the current need for mental and behavioral health services is great; however, our Crisis Stabilization Unit remains closed following Hurricane Ian.  

This is unacceptable. 

The mental health impacts of the Crisis Stabilization Unit Closure

As a result, children in crisis from all over Lee County are diverted from lifesaving mental health services to the local hospital. They may remain there or are shuttled away from their caregivers and loved ones throughout the state for stabilization. This transition only exacerbates their condition, causing additional distress to already traumatized families.  
Estimates for repairs are nearing $2 million. This is just to repair the crisis unit. In other words, this does not include the repair/rebuild of the Vince Smith Center (a residential substance use disorder program for youth). In addition, our Cape Coral location, where outpatient services and medication management are available to our county’s largest city, needs repairs.
Additionally, 90 of our employees are unable to work during the Crisis Stabilization Unit Closure. Nearly all of these employees have their own personal damage to deal with from the storm.  
Please know that we are diligently working with local legislators and other advocates to assist in our efforts to repair and reopen SalusCare facilities expeditiously! We need your help and your voice. Please share this critical information.  

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