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  • Summer isn’t always Popsicles, pools and parties 

    Contrary to the season’s carefree image, many children (and adults) can suffer summertime blues  By Stacey Cook, M.S.W., LCSW, CPNLP  Whether it is the serotonin from summer’s sunlight or less structured days without the stress of school that lifts moods, it seems that everyone feels relaxed and happy during the summer.   Well, most everyone. For …

  • Substance Use Disorder No Longer Defines Me 

    By George Jones  During Mental Health Awareness month in May, there is a lot of discussion about mental health challenges, treatments and services. However, one mental health disorder that is often overlooked is substance use disorder – which has been the center of my life.   Sadly, for more than two decades, substance abuse consumed my …

  • Stacey Cook named among the top 30 nonprofit executives in Southwest Florida

    SalusCare CEO Stacey Cook was named among the top 30 nonprofit executives in Southwest Florida by The Community Foundation for 2023, and SalusCare’s Chairperson of the Board Marshall Bower was named among Southwest Florida’s Most Influential Icons at Board Leadership.  Every year, The Community Foundation honors and celebrates the top 30 nonprofit executives in Southwest …

  • Stacey Cook named among the Top 20 best communicators of Southwest Florida

    Stacey Cook, CEO of SalusCare since 2016, was named among the top 20 best communicators in Southwest Florida by Southwest Florida Speakers & Trainers Association. Among its members are professional speakers, thought leaders, industry experts, trainers, consultants, authors, bloggers and podcasters.  Southwest Florida Speakers & Trainers Association was organized in 2022 as an initiative of …

  • Residential Substance Use Treatment for Adolescents 

    Steven Hill meets a lot of adolescents in residential substance use treatment for adolescents when they are not at their best. Even so, Smith says it is common for teenagers he has worked with to say hello when they see him in the community.  For 17 years, Hill has served as director for the Vince …

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