The Bob Janes Triage Center

Salvation Army Bob Janes Triage Center & Low Demand Shelter is a jail diversion program made up of a 72-bed (male & female) unit & 9 Medical Respite (male & female) unit beds located in Bldg. K on SalusCare’s Ortiz Campus. The Salvation Army Bob Janes Triage Center is for individuals who are at risk for committing minor non-violent crimes and suffer from a behavioral health crisis. Individuals are accepted 24 hours a day. The goal is to reduce the number of individuals with known mental illness or substance use disorders who are arrested and taken to the Lee County jail for low-level offenses. The Triage Center is operated by the Salvation Army. Salvation Army works with multi-agencies in a collaborative effort to assist individuals in transitioning back into the community. The following is a list of agencies that Salvation Army Triage works with: SalusCare, Lee Health, Lee County Human & Veteran Services, United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades & Okeechobee Counties, and Lee County Courts and all local law enforcement agencies.

 To learn more, visit the Triage Center website below.

Triage Center Website