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Tele-Health Services by SalusCare

Now you can receive your psychiatric and therapy services on your mobile device —ANYWHERE YOU ARE. Using a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a camera, microphone and reliable internet access, you can receive quality and compassionate behavioral healthcare anywhere you are! Receive quality services without the hassle of coming to an office. Medications can be prescribed by your provider electronically to the pharmacy of your choosing.  *Connecting to the Tele-health platform implies your consent to conduct the visit with your provider via Tele-health.  You can withdraw your consent at any time by simply disconnecting from the call.  Service charges will be initiated at the time of call connection. Call (239) 275-3222 for more information.

Outpatient Services

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Priority admission status for substance use programs will be given to pregnant females, women with children and intravenous drug users. Spanish, Creole, Portuguese therapists are available.

Outpatient Psychiatry Services

Psychiatric evaluations and medication management by board certified/eligible psychiatrists and behavioral pediatricians. Call our Welcome Center at (239) 275-3222 for an appointment, located at the Cape Coral Campus.

Children’s Therapy Services

SalusCare’s Children’s Therapy Services offers Outpatient Therapy and Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services (TBOS) provided by clinicians who specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents. Services offered include assessments, individual, family and group therapy on at least a weekly basis. CTS clinicians will collaborate with your child’s other providers (psychiatrist, case manager, school, etc.), creating a team approach to treatment. The initial Care Connection appointment includes assessment and collaborative planning for services. Some of the CTS clinicians provide both Outpatient Therapy and TBOS services so that children who need to transition their level of care do not have to change therapists. To make a referral, a Care Connection appointment or to receive further information, please either complete the online referral or Care Connection forms, or call us at (239) 275-3222.

Outpatient Therapy

Children, teens and their families who are experiencing challenges with their emotional or behavioral functioning or with substance use may access individual, family or group therapy or a combination of the three. Groups are offered for different age groups to address social skills, emotional regulation, anger management, and intervention for adolescents and substance use treatment. The goal of therapy is to work collaboratively, as a team, to achieve positive supportive relationships, improved functioning and enhanced ability to cope with life stress. Outpatient Therapy is provided at the Evans, and Cape Coral Campus, or by tele-health depending on insurance.

Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services (TBOS)

TBOS provides evidence-based mental health services to children and their families. It includes therapy for the individual child/adolescent and their family to teach problem-solving skills, behavior strategies, anger management skills, social skills training and parenting skills. Services are provided in the home or community on a twice weekly basis. Generally, TBOS is an intensive, short-term service lasting three to six months for children and adolescents experiencing more significant challenges in their functioning at school and at home.

Children’s Case Management

Provided for children, and their families, diagnosed with a serious emotional disturbance to assist in linking to community resources and coordination of mental health services.


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Priority admission status for substance use programs will be given to pregnant females, women with children and intravenous drug users.

Residential Treatment at the Vince Smith Center provides treatment for males and females ages 13 – 17 with a substance use diagnosis. Our therapeutic environment provides 24-hour supervision in a structured setting. Education is provided through the Lee County School District in our in-house classroom for grades 7-12. GED options are available for those in need. The residential program operates year round with a typical length of stay of 3-4 months. Located at the Vince Smith Campus. Call (239) 338-2306 for additional information.

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